Billington Bioenergy Sustainability


Why choose sustainable wood pellets instead of fossil fuels?

Fossil fuels are rightly seen as one of the energy sources of the past and damaging to the environment. Yet high carbon dioxide emitting oil and LPG boilers are still very common sources of UK heat, in properties off the gas grid. And we all need to keep our homes and our workplaces warm and our water hot.

For the sake of future generations, we need to find an affordable, reliable, renewable heat solution. Compressed wood pellets are part of the future energy mix.

Billington Bioenergy can help you shift from fossil fuels to a new, renewable energy source without having to make any compromises. If you have already made the change to wood pellets, we are confident we can help you enjoy even better value for money.

We are accredited to the highest level through the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and ENplus. So when you choose Billington Bioenergy, you can be sure you are always choosing a responsible and reliable supplier, as you can see from our other certifications below.

Turning by-products into heat

Our wood pellets are produced to the highest standards to give you consistent performance you can rely on. And they are mainly made from by-products from the timber industry – such as thinnings, branches and sawdust.

Thanks to our advanced technology, these by-products are turned into high-density wood pellets. We source them for our customers both within the UK and abroad. We always seek to minimise our carbon footprint, so all our imported wood pellets are transported in bulk in ships. Per mile, transport by sea produces much lower carbon emissions than road transport.

We then deliver our wood pellets to you in special vehicles – designed to move thousands of small pellets with minimal cost and environmental impact.

 Rest assured that Billington Bioenergy:

  • Only uses wood from working forests that grow back and stay as forests
  • Never sources from areas that are officially protected or where our activities would harm endangered species
  • Never sources pellets in countries that lack proper regulation
  • Requires every single supplier to pass tough screening and sustainability audits, conducted by independent auditors
  • Never causes deforestation or forest decline

A growing movement

We are still heavily reliant on fossil fuels for heating in our country. Renewable heat makes up just five per cent of the UK’s heat demand – well below the rest of Europe at twenty per cent and well behind the UK’s targets for 2032.

Wood pellets are one of the most universally suitable technologies to provide properties with reliable, low carbon and economic heating.

It is true that other sustainable heating systems such as heat pumps have the potential to take a bigger role in Britain’s renewable heating mix. But, to do so, they need to be accompanied by an alternative fuel source that can produce reliable heat even when the temperature is low. Additionally, high-density wood pellets are the only non-fossil fuel that can produce enough steam pressure for use in the industrial environment. Looking to the future, as energy consumption grows, it will be ever more important to have this reliable, renewable support on hand. 

A responsible supplier

You can find links to all Billington Bioenergy’s official certifications bodies below, proving that we are a responsible supplier of sustainable wood pellets for heating.

You can see our ENplus A1 certificate here.

We are BSL Authorised

We hold the FSC® Chain of Custody

Members of UK Wood Pellet Council

Members Wood Heating Association

Members of Renewable Energy Association