Roger Pearson

Managing Director
Roger has a wealth of wood pellet knowledge, having been in the industry since 2010. He joined Billington Bioenergy in 2012 as a chartered engineer with an MBA, and a passion for pellets! Having previously headed up the engineering company, Sizer Ltd (manufacturing pellet press equipment), Roger is now driving Billington Bioenergy's wood pellet supply business, combining competitive prices with excellent service and pellet quality, from the best team in the country.

Simon HaywoodSimon Haywood
Sales Director
As sales director for the company, Simon is responsible for growing our business and promoting the merits of wood pellets for heating. Simon has experience with a range of commodities from industrial to FMCG sectors. He is proud to work for Billington Bioenergy and make a contribution to carbon reduction in UK through sustainable biomass pellets. 

Edward Billington
Strategy Director
Edward founded Billington Bioenergy in 2007 to help customers heat their homes and businesses with high-quality wood pellets while reducing their carbon footprint. Edward is still very much at the forefront of the business, helping us carry on giving our customers more of what they want and need. Since 2007, he has been building the strongest team in the country.

David Nimmo
Operations Manager
David is the newest member of the Billington Bioenergy team and is responsible for building and strengthening our operational capabilities. David has a wealth of international operations and logistics experience so is perfectly suited to become an expert in all the different facets of this relatively new heating industry. 

Eugene Gilloway
Customer Service Manager
Eugene is at the forefront of helping make sure that customers receive the excellent service they deserve. They frequently tell us that he always goes the extra mile for them. He has extensive knowledge of ENplus A1 and BSL wood pellets for heating. If you have any queries about how Billington Bioenergy can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service on or 0330 995 0270. 

Chris Cashin
Logistics Manager
Chris is a graduate from the University of Liverpool, with a background in logistics and customer service. He joined Billington Bioenergy in 2012 and has been working hard since to ensure our customers receive their pellets on time, every time!

Emily Wilson
Sales Executive
Emily, a Business Management Graduate, joined Billington Bioenergy in 2017 and is passionate about biomass, sales and delivering exceptional customer service. Emily joined us to help build and maintain our great customer relationships. If you have any sales queries you can contact her on or 0330 995 0270.

Amy Carton
Marketing Executive
Amy joined Billington Bioenergy in 2016 and is from a design and marketing background. Amy is responsible for our website and marketing activity. She is passionate about sustainability and carbon reduction. If you have any marketing or press queries please direct them to her at