Wood Pellets Horse Bedding

Did you know that our wood pellets are perfect for use as horse bedding?

Veterinarian Recommended: 
Vets recommend wood pellets for bedding for several reasons.

Our wood pellets are made from 100% virgin softwood. During the production process our pellets are sterilised at 90 degrees centigrade, killing off bacteria. They are also made from pine, which is a natural antiseptic and is great for horses and ponies with foot problems. Wood pellets can help with laminitis as they are spongy and mould nicely in the hoof to create a supportive ‘cake’.

Straw contains dangerous dust particles. These miniscule dust pieces can be inhaled by your horse or pony and can contribute to respiratory ailments such as COPD. Wood pellets do not carry these dust particles. Our wood pellets are made with small wood fibres, so there is less dust but they still have excellent absorbency.

Time Saving: 
It’s very quick and easy to make up wood pellet bedding. Simply add a splash of water and the pellets fluff up into a dry and easily forked bed. Within minutes the absorbent bedding is ready for spreading. Since wood pellets are super absorbent, you only need to top up with about one bag per week and it takes just minutes to muck out a bed of Billington Bioenergy wood pellets.

Our wood pellets contain natural resins and oils which help combat the ammonia smell; the bedding smells of fresh pine instead.  They are made from sustainable 100% virgin softwood and are produced in the UK. They are 100% biodegradable.

Value for Money:
Using wood pellets as horse bedding reduces waste. The super absorbent pellets confine the wet areas which means you use less bedding and can top up as needed. Our wood pellets come in easy to manage 10kg bags with 980kg on each pallet. It costs just £235.24 per pallet ex VAT, delivered to your premises, which works out at only £2.88 per bag inclusive of VAT! Wood pellets attract a VAT rate of 20% when used as horse bedding. Please ensure you select the correct VAT rate when purchasing.

For larger stables, liveries and equestrian centres we can supply our wood pellets tipped directly into your store. The minimum order for tipped deliveries is 4 tonnes. Please contact us on 0330 995 0270 or bioenergy@bbe.uk.com for a custom quote.

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