These are some of the most common questions that our customers ask us at Billington Bioenergy. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, please call us on 0330 995 0270 or – we’ll be delighted to help you. 

What are wood pellets?

Billington Bioenergy’s wood pellets are produced by compressing low-value wood by-products into small high-density pellets and removing the moisture. This turns what was once a  by-product of the timber industry (eg. thinnings and sawdust) into a modern, sustainable and highly efficient source of heat for your home or workplace. Typically, wood pellets produce 90% less carbon dioxide than heating oil. Compressed wood pellets have been providing affordable low-carbon heating for homeowners and businesses across Europe for decades, but the UK lags behind the European average.

Do wood pellets have a shelf life? 

Wood pellets should last indefinitely in storage provided they are kept free from contamination and away from moisture. Most customers choose not to hold more than six to 12 months’ stock.  It is advisable to clean the store every five deliveries or up to two years whichever comes the sooner. 

What size are your wood pellets? 

Our ENplus A1 sustainable wood pellets have a 6mm diameter. 

How much ash is produced from wood pellets? 

Generally, the percentage of ash produced as a proportion of weight is very low at around 0.3-0.5 per cent. ENplus specification is less than 0.7%.

Are my wood pellets sustainable?

We hold FSC® certification, licence code FSC® C130 117. This means we have a tested and approved system for proving that our wood pellets come from sustainable and well managed sources of timber. You can find out more here. Because Billington Bioenergy is approved by the Biomass Suppliers List and our 6mm pellets meet the ENplus A1 specification you can be sure that your wood pellets are completely sustainable. You can find out more about our sustainability here. 

Which quality standard do your wood pellets conform to? 

Our 6mm diameter wood pellets conform to ENplus A1 specification – the highest quality accreditation you can find in the UK. You can read more about ENplus A1 here. We are a bulk blown ENplus certified trader. We have a dedicated technical manager who ensures our wood pellets are top quality and that we always comply with the highest specification: ISO 17225-2.

What is the Biomass Suppliers List?

The Biomass Suppliers or BSL is the official government list of all fuels, which qualify for the Renewable Heat Incentive. This includes compressed wood pellets from Billington Bioenergy.

What is the Renewable Heat Incentive?

The Renewable Heat Incentive or RHI is a Government programme to promote low-carbon heating for homes and businesses. Broadly speaking, it guarantees to pay a certain amount for every kWh of renewable heat generated for both nondomestic and domestic properties.

What is my BSL number? 

You will need BSL numbers for every delivery for which you wish to claim your RHI payments. Billington Bioenergy has several BSL numbers depending on the producer location and supply chain route. The number is shown on your invoice under the product description. 

What does ENplus mean?

ENplus is an internationally recognised certification scheme to account for the whole of the wood pellet supply chain – from production to delivery to your home or business. Fulfilling its strict requirements stands for excellent pellet quality. Billington Bioenergy is an ENplus Certified Trader guaranteeing that all ENplus requirements are strictly observed throughout storage and delivery. This ensures that every delivery of wood pellets we make to your store meets the highest ENplus A1 specification.

How much will my wood pellets cost? 

We always aim to give every single customer outstanding quality, great customer service and brilliant value for money every time they choose Billington Bioenergy. You can buy bagged ENplusA1 wood pellets direct online.

For bulk blown our prices vary depending on the size of your order, how far our vehicles have to travel to deliver, whether you have a spot or contract price and your annual usage. You can be rest assured we will always offer you the best value for money in the UK wood pellet marketplace.

Please contact us at 0330 995 0270 or for a free, no-obligation quotation. Alternatively you can fill out this form and a member of our customer service team will be in touch. 

How much VAT will I pay?

If you are the end-user for fuel (i.e. you are using the fuel for heating) then you only pay 5% VAT on your wood pellets. The VAT rate is 20% for everything else. If you’re unsure how much VAT you should pay, please call us on 0330 995 0270 and we’ll be happy to help. 

How soon can I get my delivery? 

Bagged Wood Pellets:
We offer standard delivery free of charge. We also offer next day, timed, Saturday and AM/PM delivery. 
Please note your order must be placed before 2pm to qualify for next day delivery, otherwise it will be processed the next working day. For further delivery information please click here.

Bulk Blown Pellets: 
We normally get your wood pellets to you between three and five working days of ordering. This may vary a little according to the time of year and the weather. For more information on delivery please click here.

Do I need to be present when you deliver my wood pellets? 

No. We are happy to deliver without you being present, providing that we have sufficient access to the fuel store. If your boiler is required to be turned off before a delivery, please ensure that you do so, as our drivers will be unable to deliver due to safety reasons and you may be issued with a failed delivery charge of £40 + VAT

Will you tell me when my delivery is on its way?

Yes. We will contact you to confirm the delivery date and our driver will contact you to let you know his ETA on the delivery day itself.  

What happens if there is not enough room in my store to accommodate the quantity I ordered? 

At Billington Bioenergy, we like to be flexible for our customers. We know that it can be difficult to estimate precisely how much you need to fill your store. In most instances the discrepancy is small and we will simply reduce the amount on your invoice (or reimburse your bank account/bank card if you have paid in advance). However, if there is a large discrepancy, we reserve the right to apply an additional charge to cover haulage.     

How do I know when I need more wood pellets?

To ensure you never run out of wood pellets, why not try our remote fuel monitoring service? This service takes the hassle out of monitoring and ordering wood pellets and is perfect for busy maintenance managers. We will monitor your fuel usage using one of our high tech remote fuel measurement systems and schedule a delivery in good time, ensuring you never run out. All we require from you is a confirmation of the delivery day, you can leave the rest up to us.