The reliable alternative to wood chip

The reliable alternative to wood chip

Did you know that most wood chip boilers can also run on wood pellets?

Using wood pellets over wood chip has many advantages. Switching from chips to pellets results in less deliveries, fewer boiler issues and can lead to an overall reduction in fuel and maintenance costs.

Compressed wood pellets are manufactured to an exact specification providing an energy dense source of consistent, dependable, sustainable heat throughout the year. This high specification means that they are more consistent in moisture content, size, performance and heat output with considerably less ash residue meaning less management of boiler settings and work for the owner. 

Moisture content: 
Wood pellets have a low moisture content (there is less than 10% moisture in wood pellets compared to 15% - 60% in wood chip). This means less energy is wasted converting the moisture content to steam. When wood pellets are used for fuel, virtually all the material is converted to heat.

Energy value:
Wood pellets have consistent high energy value – typically 17 GJ per tonne and up to 2.5 times more energy than some wood chip. This combined with a high bulk density of typically 650kg/m3 means they require considerably less storage space than wood chip for the same energy content and fewer deliveries for a greater energy output. 

Foreign bodies: 
Wood pellets are manufactured through a die and are consistent in diameter. They are screened and less prone to foreign bodies which can damage your biomass system resulting in less boiler issues, lower repair/maintenance costs and significantly reduced boiler downtime.

Billington Bioenergy supply competitively priced wood pellets as bulk blown, tipped or bagged deliveries. Our wood pellets are suitable for a wide variety of pellet and chip boilers so whatever the biomass system, we have a suitable grade of pellet.

If you would like a quote or to find out more, please call us on 0330 995 0270, email or fill out the form below.

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I had my first delivery today. The driver Tony was first class as was the pellets

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