Biomass wood pellets heat Methodist Chapel conversion

Biomass wood pellets heat Methodist Chapel conversion

The Chapel, a renovated former Grade II listed Wesleyan Methodist Chapel uses Billington Bioenergy wood pellets to fuel the hot water and heating systems.

Mark, our customer and proud owner has been restoring the chapel for over three years with a focus on not only preserving the original attributes of the property but also on sustainability. It is now a stunning home and B&B.

Before the restoration, the property which originally dates back to 1896, had an outdated oil system that was not only inefficient but also had a negative impact on the environment. 

When choosing a heating system, Mark says that biomass was the natural choice. “Traditionally Chapels are very cold. This property is over 7,830 square foot with very high ceilings so I needed a sustainable and economical way of heating the building that would stand the test of time. My friend had a biomass boiler installed so I saw first-hand the benefits of using wood pellets for heating.”

Before the restoration Mark described The Chapel as a “freezer” but the sophisticated biomass heating system installed provides hot water on demand and supports the property's 43 Victorian radiators and an underfloor heating system. 

Billington Bioenergy have been supplying Mark with ENplus A1 wood pellets since the system was first installed. He says “Billington Bioenergy are brilliant. The service is top notch and I love how the driver calls ahead with an ETA; he always arrives on time and with a smile. The quality and customer service is great, really happy.”

You can watch Mark’s story and The Chapel’s transformation on Channel 4’s Restoration Man.

Mark and George

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