Why should you use Billington Bioenergy for sustainable wood pellets?

Why should you use Billington Bioenergy for sustainable wood pellets?

Outstanding value for money:

We have always prided ourselves on giving our customers the best value for money in the UK wood pellet marketplace. That means you always receive the highest-quality wood pellets, at the most competitive price, with the best customer service – every time.

The highest quality wood pellets in the UK:

When you choose Billington Bioenergy, you can be sure that the compressed wood pellets you are buying are the highest quality available.

The best customer service:

Biomass wood pellets delivered uk

We’ve been committed to customer service since the day we opened, but recently we’ve increased our investment so we can be sure we give our customers even more of what they want.

Our drivers are the face of Billington Bioenergy  – which is why all of them have taken part in an extensive training programme, so you can always rely on them to give you the delivery service you deserve. To find out more about how we can help you, contact us at 0330 995 0270 or bioenergy@bbe.uk.com.

We’ve also expanded our dedicated customer service team, to help make sure you get your next order even faster and more smoothly. Give them a call on 0330 995 0270 to see how they can help you.

Furthermore, we invested in transport recently, so you can now rely on a fleet of new, high-tech, low emission silo tankers and tipper blowers. That means faster and more reliable deliveries for you – and means we’re even better placed to reach you in an emergency. We now have 19 fully BSL-authorised depots around the country, so whether you’re in the South, Midlands, North and Borders, Scotland or Wales, you’ll find you can rely on a constant supply high-quality wood pellets close by whenever you need them.

We’re reducing our carbon footprint while we help you reduce yours

By heating your home or business with renewable energy rather than the fossil fuels of the past, you’re reducing your own impact on the environment. Over the last year, we at Billington Bioenergy have continued to improve our operations, bringing you faster deliveries while further reducing our own environmental impact.

We group our deliveries together to save miles, back-haul stock to reduce the number of ‘empty’ miles and use a tracking device on our vehicles to optimise delivery routings.
All our new vehicles have the very latest Euro 6 engines – the most efficient available. These will gradually replace the rest of our fleet which all meet the Euro 5 standard. We will carry on striving to improve as we grow.

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