Why does FSC® Chain of Custody matter?

Why does FSC® Chain of Custody matter?

Billington Bioenergy is proud to hold FSC® Chain of Custody for bagged wood pellets, but what does it mean and why does it matter?

When you’re looking for low-carbon compressed wood pellets for heating, you want to know that they’ve come from responsibly managed forests.

FSC certified pellets is one way of making sure.

Billington Bioenergy* is Chain of Custody certified, and sells all its bagged wood pellets with an FSC claim which means that the pellets conform to FSC standards from the forest to your fuel store. It covers every stage of processing, transformation, manufacturing and distribution.

When you buy compressed wood pellets for heating with a FSC claim, you can be sure that they have been sourced from forests that are responsibly managed and that meet FSC standards.

If you buy your bagged wood pellets from Billington Bioenergy, you enjoy the security of FSC certified pellets, plus the fact that we are on the BSL suppliers list and hold ENplus A1 certification.

So you can be sure your bagged wood pellets are 100% responsible, renewable and reliable, 100% of the time.

(* FSC® C130117)

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