What does ENplus A1 mean?

What does EN<i>plus</i> A1 mean?

Whether you’re heating your home or your workplace, high-quality, dust-free wood pellets are crucial to how your system performs.

That is why, at Billington Bioenergy, we supply bagged and bulk blown biomass pellets that meet ENplus certification. This stands for the highest quality standard in Europe, audited by the European Pellet Council.

Because we are a fully accredited ENplus Trader, named on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) we can guarantee that the wood pellets we supply and the processes we follow meet both the quality assurance and sustainability measures set out by HETAS and Ofgem, the government’s gas and electricity regulator. In many cases, boiler manufacturers specify ENplus A1 wood pellets to validate their warranties, making Billington Bioenergy an even more reassuring choice for you.

There are three good reasons why ENplus counts:

1. Best quality for best performance

When you choose Billington Bioenergy, the ENplus logo on our website means you are always getting quality pellets – produced and delivered to a consistently high standard.

That means our high-energy (>4.6kWhr/kg calorific content), low-moisture (<10%) and low-ash (<0.7%) wood pellets burn more efficiently. It also means they can help reduce your maintenance costs. 

2. Quality Assurance throughout the supply chain

ENplus certification gives you reassurance that the highest standards apply to the whole supply chain for your wood pellets – all the way from production to the moment they arrive in your pellet store.
Our processes guarantee you quality at every stage, including:

- Only loading pellets with less than 1% of fines (dust) onto our vehicles
- Following a robust complaints and traceability process, aligned to ISO 9001, and
- Using an ENplus accredited delivery fleet, fully equipped with calibrated, legal for trade ‘on-board’ weighing systems.
    3. Helping you apply for your RHI payment

    Because we are a BSL-approved supplier, all our pellet depots and collection points for ENplus wood pellets have unique BSL reference numbers – making it simple to claim your quarterly BSL payment.

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