How to make sure you never run out of fuel

How to make sure you never run out of fuel

There’s more to being the leading supplier of wood pellets for heating than simply delivering the highest quality wood pellets at the keenest prices. At Billington Bioenergy, we’re also pleased to offer high-technology support services to help make our customers’ lives easier. These include:

Fuel level measurement systems

For customers with large boilers, it’s vital to have a good fuel level measurement system in place. We offer two options, ISTA based on heat meter technology, and VEGA based on microwave radar.

With both of these systems, our logistics team receives messages whenever your fuel level is running low. Then they can automatically schedule new deliveries, so that you can always rely on a warm home or workplace.



Why is fuel level measurement so important?
  • You can always be sure you’ll have warmth whenever you need it.
  • You never need to worry about checking your store or guessing when you need to reorder again.
  • You can always see how much fuel you are getting through, so you can budget effectively.
  • Your system automatically lets us know when it’s time for you to reorder.
Our care home customers tell us that fuel level management systems are incredibly useful for them. Obviously, heat and hot water are vital for elderly people and it is crucial that wood pellet supplies are never allowed to run down.

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