How can you be sure your wood pellets are sustainable?

How can you be sure your wood pellets are sustainable?

Sustainability is a key part of our business at Billington Bioenergy. We only source our ENplus wood pellets from responsible and accredited partners.

By working with accredited suppliers in the UK and elsewhere, we are always able to provide you with a reliable supply of wood pellets, which are fully compliant with the Biomass Supplier List (BSL) and keenly priced.
If you have any questions about sustainability call us on 0330 9950270 or email and our friendly customer service team will be more than happy to answer any questions. 

Sustainable Wood Pellets

When you choose Billington Bioenergy, you only ever get sustainably sourced wood pellets.
  • We only ever source wood pellets from properly managed woodlands.
  • We turn forest residues and thinnings that would normally go to waste into wood pellets that you can use to heat your home or business.
  • We never work with countries that lack proper regulation and all our suppliers must pass independent screening and sustainability audits to work with us
  • We never cause deforestation or forest decline and only take wood from working forests that grow back
  • We never source from areas that are officially protected or where activities harm endangered species.
You benefit from economies of scale.

We ship our pellets from abroad in bulk, a process which has much lower carbon emissions than road transport:

  • Road: 123.1g CO2 per tonne-km
  • Marine: 13.9g CO2 per tonne-km
 We minimise emissions in the UK
  • We deliver our wood pellets using our fleet of low-emission, bulk-blown vehicles, built to move pellets with minimal cost and environmental impact. The EUR6 engines they are fitted with produce the lowest emissions ever. 
  • Our network of 19 depots across the UK means that most parts of the UK are within 40 miles of a depot to minimise fuel used for deliveries.
  • We are never satisfied with the status quo, so we constantly monitor our carbon footprint every step of the way – from pellet production to delivery – as part of the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) approval process

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