Four out of five people support an increase in bioenergy

Four out of five people support an increase in bioenergy

Four out of every five people in the UK support an increase in bioenergy use according to a recent independent survey carried out by YouGov.

As our name suggests, we’re pioneers in the field at Billington Bioenergy. In fact, we’ve been supplying sustainable compressed wood pellets to domestic and business customers across the UK for more than 10 years now. So we were absolutely delighted to hear the news.

Commissioned by the ETI (Energy Technology Institute), the survey asked more than 5,000 GB adults a series of questions about their attitudes towards bioenergy. The message is clear. No fewer than 74 per cent of respondents ‘would support producing bioenergy from biomass’ (just like our ENplus A1 wood pellets).

One of the most positive aspects of bioenergy from respondents’ point of view was the fact that it is ‘a renewable source of energy’. This proves that the message is getting through that biomass is sustainable. 

Our experience with our own customers underlines this – more and more of them are switching to wood pellets to heat their homes and businesses. So it’s little surprise to see that almost 60 per cent of the renewable energy produced in the UK comes from bioenergy.

Respondents were also clear that they feel that the Government has an important part to play in developing the bioenergy sector as a whole too. That’s something to which we at Billington Bioenergy would give a very warm welcome indeed.

You can find out more about the survey on the ETI website or in the video below.

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