8 steps to delivering bulk blown wood pellets

8 steps to delivering bulk blown wood pellets

1. First, our ENplus A1 wood pellets are transported from our manufacturers to one of our 19 BSL Authorised local depots. We transport our pellets in large quantities using specialised vehicles to minimise our environmental impact and reduce our carbon footprint. 


Wood Pellets Delivery2. We then load the wood pellets onto our ENplus delivery vehicles. Our pellets are screened at the point of loading to minimise the fines content.


Wood Pellets Paperwork3. Our drivers receive their paperwork for each drop of the day. We group together deliveries in the local area to minimise fuel and emissions. Our delivery drivers work extremely hard, taking pride in the quality of service they provide and can deliver up to 70 tonnes per day!
The driver then calls ahead to each customer advising them of an ETA. We always try to give at least an hour notice.


Wood Pellet Delivery4.When we arrive at the property, we assess that the site is safe, conforms to ENplus guidelines and matches the information provided on the delivery information form.


Legal For Trade Weigher5. Once the driver has assessed the site he will start the delivery by ‘taring’ the weight to zero on the legal for trade onboard weighing system. This ensures that our customers only pay for exactly what they receive.


Wood pellet delivery couplings6. Next, the driver connects our blower vehicle to the customer’s store using a series of pipes and couplings. Wood pellets are transferred from our vehicles via a pressurised ‘blow’.


Monitoring Wood Pellet Delivery7. The truck is tipped and the wood pellets are blown directly into the store, whilst the driver keeps careful control on the pressure, optimising pellet velocity and minimising degradation. The time it takes to deliver varies according to the design and layout of the installation and how many tonnes are being delivered.


Wood Pellet Delivery Paperwork8. When the delivery is complete and the customer's store is either full or we have delivered the requested weight, the driver disconnects the couplings and pipework.

He then prints the weight ticket for the customer’s records. The weight ticket shows a unique delivery ID, the date, time, tonnes delivered (tare weight, net weight and gross weight), the driver and the vehicle registration number. If the customer is available, they will check and sign the paperwork gets sent back to head office for processing.

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